One of my favorite part of the job is to clean out the grease trap. It's something someone has to do if you use grease and operate a ramen shop. Yesterday, when I was cleaning it, my left foot slipped into it. 

My first reaction was anger, and then it turned into laughter. My cooking shoes were soaked, my socks and lower part of my pants were drenched in grease and all other sorts of things we shouldn't attempt to touch. My plan was to clean it up quickly and get done with the day. Usually that plans work, but there are times when we fall and take a step back. That day was today, but I didn't want to finish day on a bad note. I had to make the most of it by taking a photo. This was probably my first and last time putting my foot in there anyway, so might as well laugh about. I got out, had my co-worker take a photo and got back up and kept cleaning the grease trap. Sometimes we fall. We don't intend to fall, but we do. You just have to laguh it off and continue to do what we were meant to.