Bamboo shoots

Making bamboo as a topping is a four day process. It's probably easier to just purchase bamboo shoots that's pre-made by one of the factories, but that would make your bamboo topping taste like all the rest of the ramen shops.  


The dried bamboo is boiled for hours on the first day. Cool it down and let it rest over night. The following day you boil it again for a few hours and let it rest again. The third day you season it with your special recipe. Let it rest and on the fourth day it's ready to be served.  

Our life is like a bamboo shoot. In order for us to be ready to bless others we must go through the boiler and make our hard head softer, so we become flexible. My fellow ramen lovers. Don't allow the season in the boiler get you discouraged. It is preparing you for the day when others will benefit. Continue to fight the good fight. Keep pursuing Ramen above all else. Don't forget to smile on the way! Live RAMEziNgly!!