Always a RAMEziNg Woman Behind RAMEziNg


The Ramen Culture wouldn't exist if there wasn't a future Mrs. Ramen Culture (We are getting married next month). Yup! That's the future Mrs. Ramen Culture. She loves ramen!!! We go everywhere together. She's always been an encourager and consistently lifts my chin with her words. One of my favorite line of hers are, "You can do it. You're The Ramen Culture. The world needs you!!!" YES!! Of Course!!! The world needs ME?!?!?!?! hahaha She doesn't allow me to give up on my mission to sharing with the world what RAMEziNg looks and tastes like. That person behind ramezing doesn't have to be a woman. It could be a parent, friend, a mentor, a teacher, your kids. It can be anyone and they are EVERYWHERE if you look for them. The Ramen Culture is blessed to have a partner like her. My fellow ramenites. Surround yourselves with encouragers. Surround yourselves with those who genuinely roots for you. You will feel RAMEziNg and they will make you ramzing. It will allow you to  make others around you RAMEziNg.