Always a RAMEziNg Woman Behind RAMEziNg


The Ramen Culture wouldn't exist if there wasn't a future Mrs. Ramen Culture (We are getting married next month). Yup! That's the future Mrs. Ramen Culture. She loves ramen!!! We go everywhere together. She's always been an encourager and consistently lifts my chin with her words. One of my favorite line of hers are, "You can do it. You're The Ramen Culture. The world needs you!!!" YES!! Of Course!!! The world needs ME?!?!?!?! hahaha She doesn't allow me to give up on my mission to sharing with the world what RAMEziNg looks and tastes like. That person behind ramezing doesn't have to be a woman. It could be a parent, friend, a mentor, a teacher, your kids. It can be anyone and they are EVERYWHERE if you look for them. The Ramen Culture is blessed to have a partner like her. My fellow ramenites. Surround yourselves with encouragers. Surround yourselves with those who genuinely roots for you. You will feel RAMEziNg and they will make you ramzing. It will allow you to  make others around you RAMEziNg. 

The Ramezing Tour


Every autumn, flocks of birds begin to migrate to warmer territories. When they fly together they fly farther and higher. Last Friday, we got together for our first Ramezing Tour with fellow ramenites and went to Menya Itto. Tabelog's #1 ranked ramen shop and the place I work. The Ramezing Tour is just another name for a food tour focused on ramen. We love ramen, but ramen isn't everything. It's good to have our love for ramen to link us together to talk about life and encourage and build one another up. Thanks for enjoying the tour and encouraging me. I hope I did the same to those who came out. Grateful for the laughs and we shall unite to experiece ramezing again. 

Blue Ramen


The Ramen Culture went to Kipposhi and had to try the blue ramen. I've shared my experience at Kapposhi with other ramen loving friends. Half of them thought it looked disgusting. KIPPOSHI makes the blue colored ramen bowl. Love the innovation. With over 4,000 new shops and another 4,000 closing shop you have to be unique to survive in the Mecca of the ramen culture. It's easy to hate, but it takes a huge heart to say what Kapposhi is doing is spreading The Ramen Culture in innovative ways. Don't look at the donut hole. There's always something sweet and good when you actually focus on the donut. Live with a open heart. Live ramezingly. 

Pressure Cooker Education


My friends shop uses uses a pressure cooker to cook up the soup. Amazing technology that reduces the normal cooking time in half.The Ramen Culture doesn't know everything about ramen, but will find a way to learn. Never stop learning. Never stop learning. Never get comfortable. Look for new challenges. Find a way to make it more ramezing. Thanks for educating The Ramen Culture, Mr. Maeda. 


Ramen Relationships


Woah. Keep getting some love. Had one of my good friend from California stop by today. He comes through Tokyo for business probably 5 times a year and for fun another 5. Grateful to have a friend who helps me stay focused on my future Ramen endeavors. Good company takes you to the next level. 

Customers are my best friends


When I first began working in the food and beverage industry in Japan I was told that "Customers are gods". I understood the philosophy behind it and I have put that in my mind when I serve customers. The Ramen Culture likes to think that all customers are friends. In that way you consider them as your equal and you do everything that you'd like to be done to you. Its a genuine desire to make them feel at comfortable. They come to receive a service and that's probably all they expect, but what if they found a new friend that can they can rely on to make them feel at home? I've made a few friends working but yesterday, we had one of our personal friends come by. It brings me joy when friends stop by during work.  Makes you feel ramezing!